Third Organ Concert Kazuki Tomita /                                             オルガン リサイタル 冨田 一樹

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2023年9月23日(土)                              | 16:00 開演                                                    23rd September 2023 (Saturday)  | 4pm

ライプツィヒ第20回バッハ国際コンクールで優勝したオルガニスト 冨田一樹さんのコンサートです。神戸ユニオン教会のオルガンは、ドイツを代表するオルガン工房ボッシュ製です。



This is an organ concert by Kazuki Tomita, organist and winner of the 20th Bach International Competition in Leipzig. The organ at Kobe Union Church is by Bosch, a leading German organ manufacturer that has also built the organ for Kwansei Gakuin University. You will be able to listen to the diverse sounds of the organ along with the wonderful acoustics of the Union Church that seem to echo up to heaven. The program is diverse, ranging from Baroque to Romantic music.
Please enjoy performances by H. Scheidemann, G. Fauré, F. Schubert and J.S. Bach.

You can watch the 2021 performance by Mr. Tomita at KUC on YouTube



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